Insectron Supernova Plus
Insectron Supernova Plus-1
Insectron Supernova Plus-2

Electronic insect killer

Insectron Supernova Plus 30

The operation of the electronic eliminators is based on the combination of the attraction effect provided by the actinic light tubes and the efficient, fast and safe electrocution elimination system.

In the lower part of all the devices there is a practical and efficient insect collecting tray. This tray prevents the insect from falling to the ground, thus helping to maintain the level of hygiene in the establishment. Optionally, HACCP kits consisting of sleeves are available to enclose the actinic light tube. If the tube breaks, it will be confined inside. Adhesive sheets are also available for the tray, trapping the insect so that it cannot fall out of the device.

2x15W T8

Day coverage


Night coverage


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