About our Company

"Since 1981 Innovating in Electronics"


PRITEC Electronics since its inception, it has been characterized by an investigative and innovative vocation, starting as the evolution of the ATIS R&D project office and laboratories.

At all production levels, PRITEC Electronics , an eminently electronic industry, has more than 40 years of experience in design and manufacturing of electronic products divided into three main divisions; Electrical / electronic devices for industrial hygiene and hospitality. High efficiency lighting. Electric mobility.

In addition to the modern facilities, it is necessary to highlight the own human resources prepared to undertake a hopeful future with a high level of technical development.

Somos una empresa innovadora que apostamos por la eficiencia energética
Somos una empresa innovadora que apostamos por la eficiencia energética


En PRITEC Electronics It is worth highlighting, as a fundamental pillar, the Research and Development laboratory, without which it would not be possible to achieve our success and acceptance at all levels of our products.

As we have seen previously, a large part of the prizes that have been granted us come in recognition of research work, attending to the needs of the market, expanding the range of products, with the continuous renewal using new technologies, the development of the products of the future ...

These are premises that we set daily in our R&D work. For this, at PRITEC Electronics we allocate an important part to our Research and Development department of the budget allocated to new facilities, in order to always have the most advanced development and control equipment as well as the most specialized personnel.


Our modern facilities, recently renovated and expanded, equipped with advanced automation and control systems, allow us to quickly respond to the demand for product, while ensuring the consistent quality highlighted above.

PRITEC Electronics incorporates new technologies every day to production systems in order to obtain a competitive product, which has allowed us to address successfully the different national and international markets.

As an example, we are proud to report that our production capacity, in different types of electronic circuits, is estimated at two million circuits per year, supplying not only our own product but also OEM circuits for different market sectors.

Somos una empresa innovadora que apostamos por la eficiencia energética
Somos una empresa innovadora que apostamos por la eficiencia energética


All components and raw materials used in the manufacture of our circuits and devices meet the strictest quality standards required by the European Committee for Standardization and Certification, as well as other international organizations.

In addition to this prior certification, before incorporating them into the manufacturing process, they are subjected to our own quality control, following the MIL-STD-105D standard, according to sampling plans for the acceptance inspection of components and raw materials.

The same standard required of our external suppliers is applied to PRITEC Electronics' own internal process, in manufacturing operations and products. finished, with successive batch sampling.

Applying a preferred AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) of 0.010%. With this we can offer our customers a product with full guarantee and high performance, capable of satisfying the most demanding demand.


PRITEC Electronics is constantly evolving, it is always at the forefront offering definitive solutions and seeking to satisfy the needs of its customers.