Purifier Environmental Air for Duct


The ideal place for the installation of the equipment is the space between the exchanger / condenser and the propulsion turbine with the pipes transverse to the air passage. This installation site brings great advantages.

1. All the air supplied to the room is treated by UVC tubes every time it recirculates. This way it quickly achieves a very high level of sterilization in a short time.
2. The light projected directly onto the evaporator keeps it free of microorganisms which, due to humidity, proliferate easily if a containment system is not installed. The microorganisms' elimination confers 2 great advantages.
A- It keeps the evaporator efficiency since the biological microfilm in case of not using the UVC, produces a barrier that reduces the air flow and, therefore, the system efficiency.
B- The pathogen colonies formed in the condenser and the drip tray, if not destroyed, are driven into the pipes and later into the rooms. If this air is not treated, it may become the cause of possible infections or diseases.
3. Coordination with the start-up system is simple as it can be related to the operation of the motor. If the drive motor is running, the UVC system is running; if the motor stops, the UVC system shuts down. For inverter machines where the motor signal cannot be used directly, it is possible to detect the operation from another point of the installation.

90% air disinfection capacity

1,5m ³/h

Maximum recommended area per unit

60m ²/h